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This study intended to fill this gap by examining the role of product quality, product

maintenance, customer care and customer satisfaction on project at Kenya Airports Parking

Services (KAPS) limited Kenya. The study is expected contribute to existing knowledge on

customer satisfaction in relation to project delivery. The study was was expected to find out

the extent to which different factors affected project delivery, which will enable project

managers to not only focus on the conventional processes of project delivery, but also critical

factors that may dictate how project delivery process will be undertaken . The study helped

KAPs limited in identifying project delivery gaps left in the project management process and

recommend a suitable strategy in addressing the gaps. The study adopted a case study design

which involves an in-depth examination of a single unit, group, individual or phenomenon.

The target population were managers and employees of KAPS limited. Stratified random

sampling was used to select the samples to participate in the study. Data was gathered via

personal interviews and focus group discussions. Raw data was analysed through qualitative

and quantitative techniques with help of Statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS). It

was then presented in tables and charts and discussion made based on the research questions.

The study finding indicated that various factors examined in the study affected project

delivery but to varying degrees. The quality of a product was found to be an important

determinant of the process to be followed in order to achieve desired quality parameters.

Product maintenance though may not play a major role in influencing project delivery may

have interactions with product quality that will have overall influence on product delivery.

Customer care and customer satisfaction can be termed as customer centred factors. Various

aspects of customer care as well as customer satisfaction are responsible were found to have

significance influence on project delivery in an organization. Customer satisfaction has a

strong relationship with project delivery. As a result customer satisfaction influences the way

project delivery is strategized towards meeting customer satisfaction goals. Customer needs

keep on changing and therefore organizations have to equally consider the changing customer

needs in their project implementation strategies. The researcher recommended the need for

organizations to strategise on attention to contemporary project delivery factors other than the

conventionally known factors of project management. A need for a further study to

undertaken in order to determine the influence of project delivery processes on customer

retention as well as a similar study in other project organizations especially in the

construction sector since the current study was confined to one organization.