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2007 Academic Year
Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Factors That Contribute To Effective Performnce Management Practices In Local Authorities: A Case Study Of The City Council Of Nairobi Nelly Nyamoita Ayoti 2007 View Details
Effects Of Job Evaluation On Employee's Performance: A Case Study On Kamirithu Youth Polytechnic Joyce Wanjiku Githinji 2007 View Details
The Role Of Public Relation Used By Micro-finance Institution On Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study Of K-rep Bank Dan Kevin Jura 2007 View Details
Challenges Affecting The Production Of New Born Baby Wear: A Case Study Of Vikrut Prerequisites Limited Fredrick Kanduma Karua 2007 View Details
Model Of A Project For Uses Of Drugs By Youth In Our Country (the Effect Of Drugs In Githogoro Village - Mbotela Estate) Sally Mkarisane Munene 2007 View Details
Factors That Lead To Crime And Violence In The Slums Of Nairobi Emmanuel Gerner Goerge 2007 View Details
Motivation And Sales Force Performance: Acase Study Of Interconsumer Products Limited Gitau J.m 2007 View Details
Effects Of Motivation Practices In Banks: A Case Study Of Gulf African Bank Ibrahim Murie Ibrahim 2007 View Details
Analysis Of The Effects Of Delayed Lead Time In Inventory Control: A Case Study Of Tuskys Supermarket Limited Peter Maina Kariuki 2007 View Details
An Investigation On Effective Staff Motivation And Its Effects On Work Output In African Population Health And Research Centre: A Case Study Of African Population Health And Research Centre Nancy Mwende Mateli 2007 View Details
The Impact Of Training On Employee Performance: Case Study Of Shunus Investment And Construction Compant Limited Mohamednoor Bishar Dube 2007 View Details
Challenges Facing Community Based Organisation In Selection And Recruitment Process: Case Study Of Jamii Bora Trust Kenya Eric Ntawuasa Nasuka 2007 View Details
Sexual Harassment At The Work Place: A Case Study Of Kabete Technical Training Institute Ruciah Wanza Ngila 2007 View Details
Effects Of Poverty Avans Ngamau Ngugi 2007 View Details
Challenges Faced By Employees In Organizations And Their Effects On Employee Performance: A Case Study Of Nairobi City Council Charity Kerubo Nyabaro 2007 View Details
Impact Of Road Shows Sales Promotion On Sales Volume Of A Company: A Case Study Of Nairobi Bottlers Companies Caroline Nyawira Nyagah 2007 View Details