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This report sought to establish the influence of sponsorship on the academic performance of the
secondary school students from a management perspective. KCSE examination was the standard
used by the researcher to measure the academic performance of students in Compassion
International assisted projects, Ndeiya division. The research was guided by the following
objectives; to establish the influence of school fees payment, provision of educational resources,
spiritual support, social support and physical support on the academic performance of secondary
school students in Ndeiya. The study was carried out using the descriptive research design on a
population of all the 12 compassion project directors and eight school principals of the schools
where the sponsored form four students sat their KCSE. Out of the 17 schools in Ndeiya division
only eight had the sponsored form four students were used for this study. Census method was
used in this study. The research instruments used in the study included content analysis and
scheduled interview guides. Content analysis was used to analyze the KCSE results for the
sponsored form four students for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. The scheduled interview guides
were used for the project directors and school principals.
The findings of the study established that the sponsored children school fees was paid, they also
received educational resources from the donors according to the majority of the head teachers.
The type of educational resources from the donors come in form of books, school uniforms,
library facilities, education tours and excursions, stationeries, bags, shoes among others. The
students received spiritual support from the donors which included provision of spiritual
nourishments during Saturdays and Sundays by qualified teachers, opportunities to participate in
youth related programmes in the church, encouragement to attend church services, guidance and
counseling, training on morality, provision of spiritual and personal development books like the
bible and hymn books. The nature of social support provided by the donors to the sponsored
children to include; provision of basic needs like food and clothing to the sponsored children and
their families, following up children while at school to ensure smooth learning, tours and
excursion to motivate them and enhance their interaction. The physical support provided to the
sponsored children included proper housing for the family, water tanks, and other facilities
required for raising the standards of living, games kits and medical /health assistance through
payment of hospital bills for the children. Compassion sponsorship had a positive influence on
the academic performance of the sponsored children. The study recommends review of the
existing policies and laws on compassion sponsorship programme with a view to effectively
manage the effects of sponsorship on academic performance of secondary schools in Kenya. This
will address the existing gaps in the existing policies and laws guiding the implementation of
sponsorship programme and making them more effective.