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Sports are an essential part of the normal school curriculum. However, Education
managers and administrators tend to ignore their importance at the expense of
academic work. There is generally hardly enough investment made on sports
resources in most secondary schools. When the academic work fail to bring
success to the students, all crumbles and quite often the school program fails to be
of benefit to an individual student. Success in sports is not only beneficial to the
individual sports person for the glory of the occasion, but can benefit the academic
progress of the individual too. Success in sports has some very basic requirements
in its program implementation to benefit not only the individual participants, but
the community at large. This piece of work was designed to work on some factors
that affect success in sports among the youth with a focus on secondary school
students within Mombasa county. The few factors that were being looked at in this
study include the sports and games programs implemented in secondary schools,
the availability of sports facilities and equipments in secondary schools, training of
personnel especially, teachers in sports and games programs, time allocation in the
school timetable for sports and games and the attitude for sports and games among
the teachers and students. The study established to some extent that some of these
factors that influence success in sporting activities among the youth are in
inadequate supply to the youth in secondary schools within Mombasa county. The
study was designed generally as a descriptive survey, and in particular an ex-post
facto because it was not the intention of the researcher to manipulate such variables
as the nature of sports facilities and equipment already in use in schools or sex,
qualifications or administrative experiences of the respondent school principals,
their deputies or the sports teachers. The study established that most administrators
(the principals and their deputies) are not trained in sports despite, their position
being too crucial in the management and administration of all sports resources.
However, majority of games teachers have undergone through some form or level
of training in sports. The main undoing in sport within the county is the inadequacy
of sports facilities and equipment. Out of the seventeen sports items or activities
looked at, the study established that on average each school has only seven items
available within the school premises for the student to access. This definitely puts
pressure on both the students and the sports staff on how to achieve higher level of
performance within the limited time that is shared with academic work. Stake
holders are thus recommended to put heads together to improve on the number of
facilities, their functionality and accessibility