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The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing implementation of adult literacy program in Gatanga district, in Murang’a County. The objective of this research was to determine the influence of availability of teaching and learning resources on the implementation of the adult literacy programs. Other objectives were to determine the extent to which demographic characteristic, motivation of learners, the learners’ attitude and government funding influences the implementation of the adult literacy programs in Gatanga District, in Murang’a County. The findings of this study will significant in that it will help the policy makers and the government to came up with ways of improving the program for proper implementation. The study will be limited to adult literacy programs in Gatanga district, in Murang’a County.
The research study targeted 177 adult learners and 15 adult literacy teachers in 18 adult literacy centres in the district. A sample size of 122 for adult learners was used in the study and all the 15 adult literacy because of their typicality. Questionnaire was used as the main instrument in collection of data. Descriptive survey research was used in this study.
The study found that majority of the adult learners was female in their productive age and in the low income level. The study also found that there is a paradigm shift where majority of the learners enrolled had prior formal education before joining adult program with some having entered secondary education. A positive attitude toward the literacy program among the learners was evident. Reports obtained from teachers showed that majority of the learners were motivated to learn in the literacy program. However, the study found that despite availability of teaching and learning resources, the resources were inadequate, the facilities used by the program were not conducive and many of the adult literacy teachers had no training to handle the learners. Majority of the teachers were either on part time bases or volunteers.
From the findings above, the factors that influence the implementation of the adult literacy programme in Gatanga district, in Murang’a County include inadequate teaching and learning resources, teachers training, demographic characteristic of the learners and government funding. Government funding should address such issues as building classrooms specifically for adult learners and provision of vehicles to assist in supervision. This study recommends the creation of single gender classes that will
increase the enrolment of men. More teachers should be employed on permanent bases to prevent many from running away for greener pasture. The research study should be carried out in a large scale to find out other emerging issues in the program. More research should be carried out on motivation behind young adults desire to enroll in adult literacy programme.