Collaborations in Extra Mural Studies

African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum

Link: absf

Alliance High School

A partner instituition  for face to face  tuition for our distance students

Link: Alliance High School

Auratoday Publishers

Link: auratoday publishers

Avu Partners


Link: Avu Partners

David Publishers

Link: David Publishers

Dems Collaborations

Locally we collaborate with all the departments, schools and colleges within the University since the Department of Extra-Mural Studies provide student support services outside for the entire University. We also collaborate with other Universities in the country who some of them teach part-time in the department.


Internationally, we collaborate with other Universities and Institutions of Higher learning such as: The Institute of Business and Finance Research, Harare Institute of Technology, school of Business and Management sciences etc.


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Deta Conference 2013

Teacher education and development in Africa: the need for access, equity, sustainability, quality and relevance within the context of globalization

Link: Deta Conference 2013

Ministry Of Education

Link: Ministry Of Education

Project Management Association

Link: Project management Association