Health Services

The University Health Services (UHS) is an outpatient clinic to provide health services to students. Over the years, the UHS mandate has evolved to include outpatient and inpatient services to members of staff and their dependents and advise University Management on growth and development of health care services.

The Main students’ and Staff clinics, as well as Student and Staff Hospital, are situated at the Main Campus off State House Road and are open 24 hours daily.

There are Satellite clinics situated at Kikuyu and Kenya Science Campuses. These satellite clinics are open from 8.00am to 5.00pm with coverage for nights and weekends for emergencies.

Outpatient services that are not available at UHS are outsourced from other providers. In-patient services are offered at the Students and Staff Hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital and other major hospitals in line with the existing health policies for students and members of staff and their dependents.   

Email: | Dr. Leshan:  0722 249127