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Capacity building for students and researchers

The Library will host a virtual training on Remote Access to Electronic Information Resources (Books & Journals) and Research Tools (Turnitin Supervisory Tool) from May 4-7, 2021.

The main objective of the training is to guide the students and researchers on how to access the books, journals and other information resources remotely. Supervisors will be trained on how to use Turnitin software.



Preparations are underway for the 65th virtual graduation ceremony that will be held on September 24, 2021. The department has already started processing graduands who have met the set requirements.

The students who wish to graduate on September 24, should confirm the completeness of their academic requirements, fees payment, and disciplinary cases. Our staff at the department will be working closely with you to facilitate this exercise of ensuring the completeness of all these processes in time.

More information shall be provided in due course.