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The aim of this study is to investigate factors Challenges facing the implementation of peace education programme in primary schools. Schools are complex in nature, their operations and strategic focus could be greatly enhanced by well-focused application well-structured curriculum system to support improvements in student’s productivity, effective management of schools and ultimately, the quality of education offered. The issue of education system failure can be analyzed by assuming that learning from curriculum failures provided us with important lessons for formulating successful strategies for the planning, development, implementation and management of education systems. The objectives of the study are to assess the Challenges facing the implementation of peace education programme in primary schools in Nakuru County, to establish the impact of teachers training on peace education curriculum for teachers and its influence in implementing the curriculum, and determine the impact of implementation of the peace education curriculum on attitudes of learners on primary education curriculum. The research used simple random sampling methods by selecting a given number of subjects from a defined population as representative of that population. Out of 198 members of the target population, the researcher used proportionate sampling to select 39 participants. Data quality was incorporated in the entire study process especially at the data collection point to include completeness of questionnaires, legibility of records and validity of responses. Data was collected, examined and checked for completeness and clarity. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. Data was analyzed using tables, percentages, means and standard deviations. Statistical Package on Social Sciences version 17 was used in statistical analysis. The study provides data to assist researchers, development practitioners, academicians, policy makers, planners and programme implementers as well a larger society in reducing violent behavior. The findings of this study was useful to the ministry of education formulating policy relevant to education, parents who had easy time with peaceful children as well as other stakeholders to review their policies, operational procedures and come up with proper mechanisms of improving the curriculum of peace and reduce violence among the young ones.