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This study was to establish the Influence of Service Charter on Service Delivery in the Public
Sector; a case of Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) of Kenya. The study was guided by four
research objectives which included to determine whether define staff promotion has improved
service delivery at the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) of Kenya, to establish how
responsive are the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) staff in delivering services as required
by the service charter, to assess whether define employee discipline by the TSC has improved
service delivery and to establish whether defined recruitment by the commission has improved
service delivery. The literature review focused on work done by other researchers on service
delivery and effectiveness of service charter focusing on its purpose, defining the concepts and
its historical development and made comparison to its findings. The respondents were
categorized in to senior management, middle management and other staff. The study used
systematic random sampling to sample 100 teachers who came to seek services at the TSC
headquarters. Every 10th teacher on the queue was sampled for every day visited. A total of 200
respondents were targeted by the study. This constituted 100 from the TSC headquarters and 100
teachers. The study used descriptive survey and five research questions to answer the objectives
and the research question seek to get information on the factors that influence of Service
Charters on Service Delivery in the Public Sector; a case of Teachers’ Service Commission
(TSC) of Kenya. Questionnaires, an observation schedule were the main tools used for data
collection. The data analysis was done by use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
Programme to generate descriptive and inferential statistics. The results were generated and
presented in form of percentages, frequencies and means. Data from open-ended questions was
presented in descriptive narrative, the researcher then made recommendations. The study
revealed that the generally, service delivery at the TSC had improved to a small extent and its
needs more to be done. Failures by the organization to handle respondents’ complaints
effectively and efficiently were noted. Both secretariat staff and teachers respondents conquered
that promotion takes longer period regardless of one’s duration of service and academic
qualifications. The study further revealed that respondents’ feelings of their salaries and benefits
are not commensurate to their efforts besides establishing that employee recruitment and
remuneration to be the key determinant that influence service delivery. The study recommends
that TSC to adapt a strategic that will ensure effective remuneration and recruitments of
employees and as well make their salaries and benefits to be market competitive.