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This study focused on determinants of quality management practices in sugar industries a
case of Chemelil Sugar Company ltd, Kenya. The study was carried out at Chemelil
Sugar Company in Kisumu County. Literature was reviewed on the following themes:
Demographic factor; Top management commitment, Training factors, Organizational
culture and Government policy. A Qualitative research design was used; specifically
descriptive survey design to carry out research. The study utilized probability sampling
specifically stratified sampling at the departments of; Finance & Administration, Factory,
Marketing & corporate services, Training & Welfare and finally at Agriculture &Field
services. The study findings are hoped will be useful to investors and employees who are
likely to benefit from good quality practices. The main research instrument used was self
administered questionnaire. Target population was 861 employees at CSCL.
Questionnaires were pre-tested before actual research, 266 respondents were sampled
during data collection; Reliability and Validity of instrument was tested by carrying out a
pilot study involving 50 respondents who were identified for a pre-test so as to test the
research instrument and consulting expert on their views. Those respondents that were
identified for a pre-test were those that were not selected for actual research. After
fieldwork, the data was organized according to the population studied. Data collected was
analyzed using descriptive statistics and by aid of SPSS computer software. Hypothesis
was used and tested using Chi-Square applied at 5% significant level. Data was presented
in table format. Summary of findings reveal that|: Demographic characteristics with
indicators of age, gender and education is a determinant of quality practice. It was evident
that there was lack of top management commitment and training which has stagnated
improvement of QMS. Chemelil Sugar Company is a highly bureaucratic organization,
with a team spirit and appreciation of organization policy. Chemelil Sugar Company has
a quality assurance plan in place that is not usually followed. The study recommends that
the organization need to benchmark their quality practices to other sugar firms like
Mumias Sugar Company that has seen a success in implementing quality practices, Train
all its staff on current quality practices, develop an all-inclusive policy that gives all the
gender equal opportunity to suggest on quality assurance changes and Continuously
improve quality process by applying principles like Kaizen that encourages small but
significant changes. Crucially further research should be done to determine if hiring of
employees at CSCL has influence on organizational culture, to find out sustainability
factor and funding of Quality Assurance System at implementation stage and assess
trailing and training succession program at CSCL.